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A photograph of Cabo San Lucas, one of the three areas in which we can help you plan an international event.

Tailored Tourist Activities
in Mexico and Dominican Republic

When tourists visit Los Cabos, Punta Cana or Santo Domingo, they usually engage in the activities mentioned below. With Connect DMC, we can offer you the same and similar experiences, yet customized to the needs of your corporate events. Contact us for more information.

Available in Mexico

Tourists who visit Los Cabos usually enjoy doing and visiting the following:

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a small city an hour away from Los Cabos, ideal for surfing, visiting art galleries, hotel california, dining at a farm-to-table restaurant, and enjoying its wildlife-rich beaches.

Camel Riding in Baja California

Have your guests be introduced to the camel that will take them along the shorelines of Baja California. Let them take photos with them while they appreciate beautiful landscapes. All your guests will get back to the hotel impressed by these majestic animals.

Zip lining

Los Cabos has one of the longest and fastest zip lines in Mexico. Up to 1200 meters long (~4000 feet)! The experience is very safe, incredibly fun, and your guests will enjoy gorgeous views while they come down the cables. A must do, in our opinion.

Glass Bottom Boats

Another unforgettable experience. This one is a full tour that will take your guests along a nice town, a beautiful beach, local bars, a tuna cannery and, of course, glass bottom boats in the ocean.

Jeep Safari

Another experience along the coasts of Baja California, where your guests will drive along dirt roads, mountain trails, visit a fishermen town, a national park, and the possibility of snorkelling to see the only living coral reef in the western side of America (the continent).

Luxury Sunset Sailing

Forgive us, but there are no words to describe the sightliness of Los Cabos sunset. The only thing we can say about it is that if your guests board one of these luxury boats or yachts, we guarantee you they will have the experience of their lives, and thank you a lot for allowing them to see more of breathtaking Los Cabos.

Visit Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your guests will enjoy natural landscapes, simple traditional cuisine, and they will be able to swim surrounded by countless tropical fish, sea lions and —if you are lucky— dolphins and killer whales.

Kayak, Snorkelling and Mountain Bike

Enjoy the outback of Cabo with an expert guide. Kayak and snorkel in transparent waters that will generously show you their wildlife, fish and sea lions; or head into the off-roading trails of the Baja desert in a mountain or electric bike.

Go on a Dinner Cruise or Fishing

Every day, a cruise boat welcomes large groups and solo passengers to treat them with a delicious dinner while they enjoy a tour of Los Cabos sea. Alternatively, your guests may board one of the award-winning fishing boats and compete to see who catches the biggest fish! Cabo is home to the richest fishing tournament in the world, the Bisbee!

Available in Dominican Republic

Tourists who visit Santo Domingo and Punta Cana usually enjoy doing and visiting the following:

Santo Domingo City

Santo Domingo was the first city in America (the continent), and your guests can still visit the old colonial buildings of the Spanish days, including the town square, the cathedral and a lighthouse.

Cultural Tour

Also in Santo Domingo, give your guests the opportunity to share time with the locals, learn their traditions and try some Dominican products such as (cane) sugar or cigars. The tour is full of nature-respecting landscapes, so your guests will enjoy all the trip alike.

Punta Cana Zip Line

It is just as safe as its Mexican peer, but Punta Cana's zip line is attractive because of another reason: it goes on top of the jungle. Your guests will feel like they were being part of an adventure film! This experience is also available at night, by the way.

Buggy to a Natural Reserve

In Punta Cana, you may invite your guests to a buggy ride that will show them beautiful natural landscapes and will end up in a welcoming lagoon, where they will be able to swim for a while.

Catamaran Escape

Your guests will be able to board a cruise along the beautiful Bavaro coastline, snorkel in a coral reef and enjoy a few drinks in the bar. They may also pamper themselves at the beach or go shopping. It is up to them.

Segway Eco-Tour

Invite your guests to take a ride in an electric personal vehicle, visit a lagoon, see their fish and enjoy themselves, but using vehicles that do not use fuel for a reduced carbon footprint of your event.

Speed Boats and Snuba Diving

These are other two beautiful options that will allow your guests to explore the Caribbean Sea. Speed boats are exciting and fun. Your guests will feel adrenaline rushing. As for snuba diving, it is a safe activity that does not require a diving certification. Your guests will love trying it out.

Marine Encounter

It is a natural park in the middle of the sea where your guests will be able to spend time with nurse sharks and sting rays, or just swim for as long as they want.

Visit Saona Island and Altos de Chavon

Saona is the archetypical Caribbean island: white sand, palm trees, turquoise waters… and to make it fun and unforgettable we add rum and merengue music. As for Altos de Chavon, it is a rebuilt 16th century village your guests will love to explore.

Visit Catalina Island

Catalina is renowned for its underwater activities (snorkelling and the like) and its beaches. It is a great option for corporate trips that want to include a full day off.


A place where your guests can interact with monkeys. Do you like the idea? Monkeys are safe, interactive and really, really fun, if you allow them to play with you or even take a selfie!

Pirate Adventure

In one line, this is the closest your guests can ever get to experiencing what buccaneers and pirates did during the Modern era.

Available in Both Countries

Surfing Lesson

It does not matter if your guests have never tried such a thing before. Experts in surfing will teach them how to catch a wave and ride one, and then your guests will be able to test how well they learned in crystal-clear waters. Invaluable, as they will get back home having learned something new.

Whale Watching

Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico, is a migratory stop for humpback whales, and seeing them is just unforgettable. Samana Island, in Dominican Republic, offers a very similar experience, but with other species of whales of course. The result will be the same for your guests: an unbelievable and unforgettable experience with these friendly and lovely creatures. For those looking for an alternative, there are whale sharks in a different location.

Swimming with Dolphins

Just let us tell you that there is a huge difference between being able to see dolphins in an aquarium and really enjoying their company. There is no way you can imagine the rest until you experience it.


There are many golf clubs in Los Cabos and Punta Cana, where your guests can both learn the game or compete in a day-long tournament. Top courses in Punta Cana rank from Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus a Tom Fazio club is also host of the PGA, while in Cabo – the Golf capital of Latin America, we have courses that include Robert Trent Jones jr, Nicklaus, Tom Wesikopf and Tiger Woods.


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