Andrés López

Jenniffer Celis

Regional Sales & Experiences Director –  Puerto Vallarta

From an early age, a deep passion for tourism was evident in me, and my aspiration to work in a coastal destination was solidified. Almost two decades ago, I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, a place that captured my heart with the warmth of its people, its climate, and the feeling of inhabiting an authentic magical town in Mexico. Since then, my career has been closely linked to high-end tourism, excelling particularly in group management, an area that has always deeply challenged and intrigued me.

I am passionate about creating exclusive and disruptive experiences, transcending conventional boundaries to reveal the true beauty of this slice of paradise destination. My work focuses on conceiving and executing proposals that encompass the cultural, natural, and culinary aspects, blending these facets into unique and unforgettable experiences that leave an indelible mark on the memory of those who honored us with their visit.



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