Sarah Morel

Regional Sales & Experiences Director – Punta Cana

Sarah’s journey to becoming the heart behind every memorable experience in Punta Cana is one filled with passion, purpose, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Over 13 years, she’s woven her expertise through the MICE segment, transforming every challenge into a stepping stone towards redefining travel and hospitality. Her mission is simple yet profound: to craft tailor-made adventures in Punta Cana that resonate not just with the mind but with the soul.

From orchestrating luxury resort experiences to pioneering impactful sales strategies, Sarah has consistently bridged the gap between aspirations and real-world experiences. Her vision for Punta Cana goes beyond its natural beauty, seeing it as a canvas for discovery, innovation, and unforgettable journeys.

As she leads with authenticity and resilience, Sarah is not just setting new standards for connecting with a destination but also inspiring each of us to explore, to dream, and to discover. Under her guidance, Punta Cana is turning into more than a destination; it’s becoming a landmark in the realm of experiential travel.



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